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Friday, September 12, 2008

Frockly auction for the Nielsons

We are holding an auction for Christian & Stephanie Nielson, since we've heard that they are both big fans of Cougar Football. In the spirit of Nie's blog, we will be auctioning off a loyal, strong and true tee from which all proceeds will go to the Nielsons to help with their recovery.

The shirts retail for $15, so that's where we will start the bidding. It's for a really good cause, not to mention this totally amazing t-shirt you will receive. It'll be like doing service and getting the blessing immediately! Imagine that!

Just post your bid below in the comments, highest bidder wins! The auction will run until 8pm MST, Sunday September 14th. And if you don't win the auction, you can always help contribute by praying for their family.


Holly said...

I'm starting the bidding off at $15.

David or Jenny said...

second the bidding at $16

Jason said...


Holly said...

c'mon people, this is for a good cause! new bid at $25.

ginger said...


anetemso (at) gmail (dot) com

Jenny said...