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Monday, September 29, 2008

Our favorite tees

May we have a drumroll, please? Between the comments recieved and those who linked to the contest from their blog, our three winners of this week's giveaway are:
#13 Becky (Harvey)
#28 The Iowa Ross Family (Mad Max)
#27 Joanna & Matt Evans (Loyal, Strong and True)

Winners, take some deep breaths, let your heart rate normalize and when you are ready, read on. Please contact us so we can get your address and size preference.

Thanks to all who participated and thanks to for your mathematical skillz that we here at Frockly frankly lack.

And for all you non-winners we still love you and want to show our love, so check back for more giveaways that we will be having throughout the football season. And most importantly, tell your BYU football fan friends about us!


Becky said...

Thanks so guys are awesome!

Mikelle said...

What a bummer... Congrats to the winners!

JamieN said...

Hello Team Frockly. Team Neider, here. It's almost 1:00 am and since I've yet to fall asleep, I thought I'd drop in to see how

I want you to know that while I was quite disappointed to see that I am still not a winner, I remain undeterred. My quest to win a BYU shirt is in tact and I'm as dedicated as ever (this is a sign of how much I truly love my husband). In fact, I'm contriving a proposal for you in order to win a shirt for My Darling Husband (more to come later). You'll be impressed to know that I was so interested and hopeful about my chances of winning last night (3 shirts to give away instead of 1?! Wow!) I refreshed my screen numerous times until you posted your results. I even did the math and figured my chances of winning were just short of 14% (that's assuming my math was correct and that's never a very safe assumption).

Anyway, until next giveaway I big you all adieu.

JamieN said...

How embarrassing. I didn't even finish my thought in that first paragraph. Can we chalk that up to the insane hour of 1:00 a.m.? Thanks. Loves.

Becky said...

I am so excited, my shirt arrived today. I can't wait to wear it to the game. Thanks again!